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Strolling between Stadthausbrücke, Große Bleichen and Neuer Wall you will find yourself en passant in the middle of Hamburg's history, to which the TORTUE owes its name:


When Hamburg, oh là là, was a department of Paris between 1806 and 1814, none other than Napoléon stayed in the historic quarter. He and his companions not only brought the Hamburgers the inspiration for the French roll, not only Chaussees, Bellevues and Palais, but also an idea of that world-famous savoir-vivre. Translated into today, this is, above all, about the delightful art of living of never hurrying! And which living creature is extraordi-narily good at this? Et voilà! The turtle - French la tortue. TORTUE reminds us to take our time. Especially when we don't have any. Because haste and pleasure are mutually exclusive. Only in idleness and relaxation are the antennas for the beautiful on reception. And at around 200 m/h, you can take a formidable stroll through the TORTUE and explore what this place is all about!