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It may be more than the special?



Are you looking for the right present? You can purchase our lovingly compiled selection of unique TORTUE Amenities 24/7 at our reception or order them directly in our online shop.


// Our scent composition, created in the laboratory of the French perfumer Mark Buxton: 
room fragrance, scented candle, Shampoo, hand wash or shower gel. 

// TORTUE silver cup, tumbler and long drink glasses for toasting special moments

// Porcelain mug, ecorated with our dandy from the Hamburg illustrator Anne Katrin Ströh.


And lot of more unique products


Visit our online shop.



You can't decide what you want to give? You can also give special moments away with our TORTUE voucher.


// Voucher for the brasserie and JIN GUI 

// Voucher for the hotel

// Voucher for the bars bar noir and bar nleu.



Visit out onlineshop for voucher.